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September 2018

Week 11 - Second Homestay

So it's been a while and I'm going to try to catch you up really fast. I did leave Thailand already but I'm still going to post blogs from my last 2 weeks there. Right now I'm in Bali and it's incredible. More on that to come.

For my second homestay I was at p'Akongs house again. Kelin was with me along with 5 Japanese girls.

In the morning we drove out to the homestay. On the way there we stopped at a school to help them move a pile of sticks so they could build a fence. It was actually the school the childcare program was at that day so we got to see them in action. After lunch we helped prepare bamboo for a house in the village. After working Kelin and I found 4 broken guitars in p'Akongs house. Kelin plays guitar and is really good. He was able to fix up a guitar and played it. That was really cool.

We worked on the road again which was fun but exhausting. We actually were able to finish it finally which felt really good. Later Kelin and I took a walk out of the village. We just walked and looked at the farms.

We built a house! It was a traditional bamboo house. We used machetes to prepare the bamboo. I am really good at using machetes. We were building the house for p'Akongs brother in law. He lost his wife about a month earlier and didn't have any kids. He didn't make a lot of money and couldn't really afford to pay t o have his house repaired. The process was really cool but way too long to type and difficult to describe. We finished our work early so we went to the waterfall again. ALWAYS fun. Thursday night we just chilled and I read my book.

Friday morning we went back to the house and cleaned up the yard a bit. We met p 'Akongs brother in law and finished up the house. We finished pretty early so Kelin and I went on another walk. We walked to p'Akongs farm. On the way there we almost got attacked by dogs. They belonged to the farm next to his. When we walked past they ran at us and started barking viciously. We knew the people working in the farm so they called back the dogs. One of the women who was working at the farm has a little son who was in the kindergarten but was home that day because the previous day he'd been attacked by a dog and had bandages all over his face. He had to stay home from school so he was there with his mom. We made it to the farm and it looked like a scene from Jurassic world. Then we went back to mirror. We did a little movie night and that was the week!

My next post (hopefully tomorrow) will be about Chiang Mai because I spent 2 weekends there.

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